Here are some words from our customers:

"I really LOVE Green Baby Diaper Service! I was thrilled to find a local store I could register with for cloth diapers! They were so wonderful in helping me figure out what would work for me and my family and within my budget"

     -Mandy Matus


"Green Baby Diaper Service makes cloth diapering so easy. The prices are great and the owners are AMAZING"

    -Laura Beth Howell

"It's great to have a place in town where I can buy everything I need for cloth diapering. It's hard to learn about it without having hands-on experience. One stop into Green Baby Diaper Service, and you'll learn all you need to know without being overwhelmed. I even brought a friend in when she was pregnant, just to show her how easy cloth diapering was. She is now addicted to cloth!"
    -Gaby Merediz
       "I wanted to use cloth diapers because we were in such a tight financial  situation, but i knew NOTHING about them. My mom CD'd, but things have changed so much she didn't have a clue! My friend pointed me towards Green Baby Diaper Service and Liz was able to help me SO much! We purchase all our diapers there, as well as swim items and various diaper accessories!"

    -Yvonne Sullivan