Diapering Tips & Diaper Cover Care

Diapering Tips

Once you get the hang of cloth diapering, you'll be amazed at how easy it is! While one method of folding may work for one of your friends, you may have to try another one because of your child's size, shape or movements. Not to worry, we'll be glad to help you find solutions to any problem you may encounter. In the end, it's very simple and we'll be glad to do all we can to educate you on the various techniques.

Folding Techniques

You can also stop by our store for demonstrations. The web is also a fabulous resource for diapering methods. The two most common folds are the newspaper fold and the angel wing fold. They are both very simple and fast!

Diaper Cover Care

The diaper covers you purchase from Green Baby Diaper Service, LLC are well-made. If taken care of properly, they will last you several months (and possibly years if you wish to continue cloth diapering with more children). Please keep in mind that if your child is experiencing a lot of leakage, then he/she will more than likely need to move up to a larger size. We recommend starting with 4-6 covers.

To preserve these covers, we ask that you use your own home washing machine. The commercial washing machine we have at Green Baby is too heavy-duty and will ruin the diaper covers.

We carry different brands of covers that each recommend similar washing methods. Generally it's wise to avoid hot water and line dry them instead of putting them in the dryer. This way they'll last much longer.  

First, make sure that you immediately rinse any BM or urine that may have leaked onto the cover with cold water. Then, place in washing machine with like colors. Make sure to close the Velcro and turn it inside out.  

For detergent, avoid any baby detergents that may have softners in them. Generally the detergents that advertise being “free” of perfumes, etc. are the best to use. This will protect the staying power of the Velcro.

If you are unable to get stains out, that is alright. We recommend placing in the sun to dry. Often times, this will take it right out.

When you have found no other use for your diaper cover, Green Baby may be interested in purchasing it from you depending on its condition.

Leakage & Night-time Coverage

If you find that you're experiencing leakage, we have some suggestions that might solve your problems. If these do not help, please give us a call.

1. Make sure all of the cloth diaper is tucked into the diaper cover after putting it on.

2. If you're currently using the newspaper fold, you may need to switch to a fold that requires a Snappi Fastener to ensure the diaper is snug around your baby.

3. It may be time to move up in size to a larger diaper or cover.

4. If your leaking is occuring during the night, you can double up on your diapers, use a doubler (adds additional cloth layers to the diapers), purchase a fleece cover that wicks moisture off of your baby, yet keeps his/her clothes dry.