Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process is as eco-friendly as possible and ensures your diapers are returned to you clean and ready to go on your precious baby's bottom.

Green Baby's commercial washer and dryer, made by Unimac, are able to perform enough rinsing, washing and flushing to properly sanitize the diaper. Green Baby's diapers are also tested regularly to ensure the ph of the diaper matches that of a baby's skin. Each diaper will also undergo an inspection at our facility before making it to your house.

With the washing of our diapers, we will be able to use less water and energy per diaper than if you were washing them at your home. Another way we can reduce energy and water consumption is if our wonderful customers are able to flush any solid waste into the toilet before putting them in the diaper pail. Thank you...



Do you wash at home? 

NOW OFFERING A Diaper Stripping Service

Simply bring in your pocket diapers, AIO, Inserts, etc and FREE  them of any build-up, yeast, or ammonia problems for an affordable price. Call for pricing! 910-399-3051